Kirkendale is situated on grounds that were part of the Highfield Estate. 134 acres were purchased in 1850 by Edward Drew, (1805-63) an ironmonger. He built Highfield House (originally Fairside) a large stone house of about 20 rooms with cool cellars, used in summer for living and sleeping in.

They grew apricots, and had a 2 acre vineyard. The house still stands today. At the eastern end of Inverness Avenue are remnants of Gleeville farm and small village established in 1838. Edward Gleeson, a settler with capital accumulated in India, sailed from Madras with his wife, two children, brother, Indian servants, purebred Arab stallion and a wooden house of six rooms. The crops grown there were wheat, barley, oats and later olives were introduced in about 1864.

He was the listed owner of substantial livestock and a flourishing small village with numerous dwellings, stable, outhouses and a 120ft well. In December 1840 he celebrated his success but soon afterwards his fortune changed and he then made the move to the mid north and founded the town Clare. Samuel Davenport took over ownership of the Gleeville homestead but he seems to have leased it out most of the time. John Cleland (1821-1901) arrived in South Australia in 1852 and moved into the Gleeville home.

He took a keen interest in the local environment and was made trustee for Beaumont Common striving to keep it close to its natural state. He was also involved with local wildlife reserves and had a keen interest in the local fauna and flora. (The Paddocks Beneath-Elizabeth Warburton)

How to Schedule Marquee Hire in Sydney

How to Schedule Marquee Hire in Sydney

When planning a smaller or larger outdoor gathering, marquee hire in Sydney may be one of the most important steps to take. Your marquee will provide you and your guests with shelter from the elements and will define the space for decorating purposes. Because of its importance, it may be wise to reserve your marquee as soon as possible. You can easily accomplish this goal by following a few steps. 

First, it is important to define your needs before scheduling marquee hire in Sydney. You should calculate the amount of space available in your venue for the marquee. While the space may be outdoors, it may be confined by buildings, fencing, trees and other landscaping elements. In addition, you typically want to choose a flat area without a grade to set up your marquee. Marquee hire Sydney by http://www.aussiemarquees.com.au/party-hire.html can be arranged for a wide range of marquee sizes, and this gives you the flexibility to select the ideal option for your venue. Keep in mind that other features may be available to help you create a more ideal ambiance for your event. Flaps are a popular feature on some marquees, and these can be raised or lowered as needed to control sunlight, temperature and other elements. 

After you have determined your needs for marquee hire in Sydney, you can make your reservation. Simply shop around to compare rates for marquee hire in Sydney. It may also be wise to read consumer reviews to verify factors like the quality of the marquee, the level of customer service and how timely or reliable the company is. These are all factors that are critical to your experience at your big event. While you may reserve your marquee several weeks or even months ahead of time, it is a smart idea to verify your reservation a few days before your big event is scheduled to ensure that your marquee will be delivered and set up as planned. http://www.aussiemarquees.com.au